50 first marriages

Elizabeth Taylor

“Over time, tastes change. I used to marry those men whom I wouldn’t even invite to dinner, ”said Elizabeth Taylor. This explains her impressive track record: the actress was married eight times. It all started with a youthful hobby Conrad Hilton - the heir of the famous hotel empire. The marriage lasted only 205 days.

The second husband and father of two sons Elizabeth became the British actor Michael Wilding. The couple lived together for about five years. Almost immediately after the break, Taylor married producer Michael Todd. Although the marriage broke up the next year, Elizabeth had time to give birth to a daughter from Michael. The following husbands Taylor - singer Eddie Fisher and actor Richard Burton. Together with Burton, Elizabeth adopted a girl from Germany. By the way, Burton, by the way, Taylor got married twice.

The first wedding of Elizabeth Taylor. (vev.ru)

Taylor's sixth husband - but the marriage was already the seventh - became a politician John Warner. The last in a series of spouses was Larry Fortenski - a simple worker. In 1996, Elizabeth broke up with him. More actress did not get married.

Larry King

The famous TV host got married eight times. King's wedding epic began when the future talk show star was only 19 years old. The first wife of Larry was his classmate Fred Miller. Just a year later, the marriage broke up. King decided not to re-tie the knot immediately: he married again only 9 years later. Anne Kaye became the new chosen one of King. This marriage lasted several months, and the couple broke up when Annette was pregnant. For a long time, Larry refused to acknowledge paternity, but in the end he gave up.

King's third wife is model Alyn Akins, star of Playboy magazine. In this case, he even agreed to adopt the child of his passion. But this did not become a guarantee of a happy family life. Another year - and King again in divorce. And then married again - this time to Mickey Sutfin. Needless to say that the next divorce was not long in coming. Shortly after the break, King married ... Alyn Akins. Thus, the woman managed to visit both the third and the fifth by his wife.

Larry King and Aline Akins. (dailymail.co.uk)

The sixth time Larry tied the knot with Sharon Lepore - a teacher of mathematics, the seventh - with business woman Julie Alexander. The eighth and at the moment the last wife of the TV presenter was actress Shaun Southwick. But everything is not so smooth here: the couple has been living together since 1997, but in 2010 their marriage almost fell apart due to King’s betrayal. However, although they announced a divorce, they refused to embody their plans.

Clark Gable

Five marriages - this, of course, not eight, but by the standards of mere mortals is still quite impressive. Precisely so many times married “King of Hollywood” Clark Gable. At first, he chose older women: Josephine Dillon, the first wife, was 14 years older, and Maria Langam, the second spouse, was 17.

The third time Gable married actress Carol Lombard. It has been almost a year since the wedding day, when Carol found out she was pregnant. She planned to tell the happy news to her husband on the anniversary day, but lost the child shortly before. Lomdard decided not to report the miscarriage even to her spouse. This tragic story became known only after her death.

Clark Gable and Kay Williams. (lenta.co)

Geybl's fourth wife is Silvia Ashley. She, by the way, was also married five times, and each time she would certainly marry a rich man or a celebrity. The fifth and final spouse is Kay Williams.

Martin scorsese

Director Martin Scorsese, like Clark Gable, was married five times. The first wife of Larain Marie Brennan bore him a daughter, but this did not prevent the director to soon disperse with her and marry the writer Julia Cameron. The second daughter of the director became the fruit of this union, but even this did not keep him in the family - a year later the marriage broke up.

Martin Scorsese and Isabella Rossellini. (film.ru)

For the third time Scorsese married actress Isabella Rossellini, daughter Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini. His next choice was the producer Barbara de Fina. Since 1999, the director has been married to Helen Morris. This is his longest marriage, but time will tell whether he will be the last.

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