Pokemon Second Coming

Summer evening. Parents have called home twenty times already, but you pretend to be deaf. You are squatting at the entrance, looking at the chips intently. Beat, your opponent screams for joy and jumps on one leg. Pikachu got him, and you understand: to get him back, you are ready to part even with your favorite prefix ... If you are familiar with this picture, it means that you are from the generation of the 1990s.
Schoolchildren of that time were crazy about pokemon. It is not surprising that the developers of Pokemon GO, who made a bet on the mature generation of the 1990s, did not lose. Players of the third millennium - solvent class. For the pleasure of once again plunging into the atmosphere of childhood, they are ready to pay not with candy wrappers from chewing gum, but with real money. Elena Bukhteeva will tell how the idea of ​​the game, which has been popular for two decades, was born and developed.

Virtual "Bugs in boxes"
Before the advent of virtual reality, children from all over the world were playing a similar game ... with various insects. Remember what demand was the beetle in the box brought by Tom Sawyer to the church? Catching a big beetle and training it to accomplish great exploits was the dream of every boy. It is believed that this ancient children's fun and formed the basis of the creation of the game. And if the living beetles differed in stubbornness and bad temper, then the virtual “pocket monsters” Satoshi Tajiri were excellent in training and could bring their coach to the highest level of skill. In general, with the idea of ​​the game the creator got to the point.

Satoshi Tajiri

However, at first, the project Tajiri seemed too "confused" even the advanced company Nintendo, where the most advanced developers worked. Satoshi Tajiri was inspired by the Game Boy portable gaming system: the console could be played together, which was an innovation at that time. Tajiri came up with a new “Pokemon” universe populated by funny little monsters. Thanks to the Game Boy features, Pokemon could fight each other. However, while the pocket monsters never died: the developer did not want to bring unnecessary cruelty to the children's world.

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In 1996, the leadership of Nintendo still decided to take the risk and did not lose. "Pokémon" became the second most popular game in the world, second only to Mario. The developers have released two versions: in one of them, players could exchange Pokémon. After the victorious Pokemon march through Japan, Nintendo turned its gaze to the United States. The game was adapted for American users and invested about a million dollars in an advertising campaign. "Pokémon" conquered America with the same ease as Japan.
Pokemon on the screen and in malls
It must be said that no one reads comics so carefully and does not study computer games like the people in the film industry. Many cinema heroes have come down from the pages of magazines and come out of virtual reality - from spiderman to Batman. The success of "Pokemon" gave rise to many anime of the same name, which conquered the whole world. By the way, in Russia of the 90s only a lucky few had game consoles, so the passion for pocket monsters has grown from a cartoon.

Comics of the same name

By 2011, over 200 million Pokémon games were sold worldwide. The army of “monsters” also grew: if initially there were just over 100, then by the third millennium there were more than 600. The full-length film “Pokémon” was shot, the rental of which brought nearly 164 million dollars with a budget of only 30 million.
Several Pokémon centers have appeared in Tokyo — large stores specializing exclusively in game-related products. Here you can buy plush toys, released in limited quantities, Pikachu costumes, comics and many other products generated by the Pokemon cult.

Pokemon Center in Japan


Last week, "Pokemon" again were on the crest of success. Nintendo has released the mobile game Pokemon GO. And again - a triumph. For the incomplete week, the company's shares went up by almost a third. Less than five hours after the release, the application came out in the top App Store, in America, in a matter of days, the number of smartphones the game was downloaded exceeded the number of similar devices with Tinder. Now the game is available in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Parade of Pokemon in Japan

Pokemon GO takes our old friends - Pokemon - to real locations. The smartphone on which the game is installed informs the user about the presence of the Pokemon nearby. If the player is ready, the hunt begins. "Monster" need to detect and catch using a video camera. Then the prisoners are “pumped over” so that they can participate in the battles. As in the very first version, users can exchange Pokémon, creating their army, as well as interact with each other. The application itself is free; however, in order for players to fork out, it contains the option of in-app purchases. Thanks to this, the Pokemon GO earns about $ 1.6 million for its creators per day.
Naturally, the film industry could not fail to respond to the appearance of the new game. The company Legendary Pictures is already preparing to shoot a full meter for the Japanese franchise.
Thanks to the Pokemon GO application, users have plunged into augmented reality. Many stories have already appeared in the media about the consequences of such a dive. A certain girl, searching for a pokemon, stumbled upon a corpse on the river bank, the criminals stalk players in deserted places, and so on. All this is a bit like well-organized hysteria around the Tamagotchi game. Her appearance on the market was accompanied by numerous publications about suicides of children who were overly keen on caring for a virtual animal. The meaning of everything written was essentially reduced to one thing: the game is extraordinarily exciting. So much so that devalues ​​real life. It is hard to say whether horrors described in the media actually occurred or whether they were generated by the imagination of PR people.

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