"I kiss your hands, I beg your blessing"

E. A. Arsenyeva

July 18th.

Dear Grandma! I am writing to you by hard mail, because I didn’t have time for the extra mail the third day, because I went to the iron waters and, to blame, I completely forgot that they do not accept letters there; I'm afraid that you will not worry that one mail is not a letter. The squadron of our regiment, to which Baron Rosen ordered me to be numbered, will be located in Anapa, on the Black Sea coast at the meeting of the sovereign, right there, where Velyaminov's detachment is, and therefore I will not go to Georgia from the waters; So please, my dear grandmother, continue to send letters addressed to Pavel Ivanovich Petrov and write to him: he promised me to deliver them there; Otherwise it is impossible, because from there the message is very difficult here, and the mail does not go, and dispatches with express couriers are sent. I received news from Alexey Arkadich; he is healthy, and some of the officers who came here from there have told me that he can be considered the best officer from the guards sent to the Caucasus. What you are writing to me about Gvozdyev did not surprise me very much; leaving, I predicted to him that he would be a cadet in my platoon; and yet, sorry for him.

Here the weather is terrible: rains, winds, fogs; July is worse than Petersburg September; so I stopped taking baths and drinking water until good days. However, I think that I will not renew it because it is healthy as well as possible. In order to be sent to the squadron, I will have to make a lot of purchases, and I think I should leave my things with Pavel Ivanovich. Please send me money, dear grandmother; to live here I will get; and if you send late, it is difficult to deliver to Anapa. - Farewell, dear grandmother, kiss your hands, ask for your blessings and remain yours forever attached to you and humble

grandson Michael.

Most of all, do not worry about me; God willing, we'll see you soon.

E. A. Arsenyeva

Dear Grandma,

I look forward to writing from you with any news; I'll be in Moscow for a few days, staying with Rosen; Alexey Arkadich is still here; and rides the day after tomorrow. I was accepted here by society as usual very well - and I am quite happy; was yesterday with Nikolai Nikolaevich Annenkov and tomorrow I have dinner; he was very kind with me: - that’s all I can tell you about my life here; I will add that I have grown stout from the air here in two days; Strongly Petersburg is bad for me; maybe, I also became good by it because I drank bitter water all the way, which is always very useful for me. Tell me, please, from me to Ekim Shangirei that I will write to him before leaving here and send something. - Probably, Sashenkina was already married, and therefore I ask you to congratulate her on my behalf; and tell Leocadia from me that I kiss her and wish to improve, and to be as careful as possible at all.

Farewell, dear grandmother, be healthy and confident that God will reward you for all your sorrows. I kiss your hands, ask for your blessings and stay

humble grandson

M. Lermontov.

E. A. Arsenyeva

Dear Grandma,

I have just arrived in Stavropol and am writing to you; I rode with Alexey Arkadyevich, and rode awfully long, the road was very bad, now I don’t know myself yet where I will go; it seems, before going to the fortress Shuru, where the regiment, and from there I will try on the water. Thank God, I am healthy and calm, as long as you are as calm as I am: I only want one; please stay in Petersburg: it will be better for you and for me in all respects. Tell Ekim Shangirei that I do not advise him to go to America, as he had, and it is better here in the Caucasus. It is closer and much more fun.

I still hope, dear grandmother, that forgiveness will come out for me anyway, and I can retire.

Farewell, dear grandmother, kiss your hands and pray to God that you are healthy and calm, and I ask your blessings.

I remain n grandson of Lermontov.

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