VIP survey: whether to oblige citizens to vote?

Emilia Slabunova, Chairman of the Yabloko party

I do not think this is the right way. We must go another way. First of all, it is necessary to eradicate the atmosphere of total lie prevailing in the country everywhere and in everything. We have a lie in sports, and in economics lies, and in politics - including how the institution of elections functions. Therefore, the first and foremost condition is the eradication of lies. A lie can be eradicated only if we improve the political system. We can improve it only as a result of a change of government. This is the only medicine for its recovery. As a result of the change of power, when normal political competition begins, the normal cyclical turnover of political power, all this will go away by itself. In addition, various forms of direct democracy must also be developed. Modern information technologies allow to do this. It is necessary to involve all citizens in the decision-making process as widely as possible. And only in this way, the responsibility of citizens for what is happening in the country as a whole, and locally in the place of residence, within the framework of local self-government, all this will finally rise from head to foot.

Boris Tumanov, correspondent of the belgian newspaper la libre belgic

I think that the principle of mandatory attendance at elections is not as bad as it seems. In general, the element of coercion is not essential here, since already in some countries of the world, in particular in my beloved Belgium, this principle applies. What is its convenience? In fact, the government can keep accurate records of voters, in particular citizens who have the right to vote, in particular stateless persons, and so on. And in essence, the voter loses nothing. This principle simply obliges voters to appear at the polling station and do whatever they want with their ballot. Thus, I am inclined to support this principle.

Alexander Kynev, Politologist, expert of the civil initiatives committee

In my opinion, this is a bad scenario. The world practice nevertheless proceeds from the fact that participation in elections is a voluntary thing. There are very few countries that introduce mandatory participation in elections. Literally isolated cases - Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Australia. But even in these countries, participation is still not 100%. Many still do not participate. In addition, it is not at all the fact that those who are in favor of this, really aware of the consequences and how people will eventually vote. Because when you force people by force, they can vote contrary to spite. Therefore, a very controversial question is whether it will give someone some bonuses and advantages. So most countries in the world are built on the principle of voluntariness.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, lIDP LDPR

I think you need. But beyond that, a number of measures need to be taken. It is necessary to establish the day of voting once and for all. It must be April. March is cold, in December it is cold. September is uncomfortable. Therefore, the best last Tuesday of April. That is, the working day is already warm, spring is ahead. And be sure to give time off, it will stimulate people. Maybe even more stimulated somehow. If he doesn’t want a day off, maybe some kind of bonus. Well, find a way for people to come. We, in parallel with the turnout to be mandatory, and in parallel with the provocation of it, we must settle the political system. There is United Russia, there is the Liberal Democratic Party, we have never connected with anyone. And the rest - 12 games of the left wing. Let's connect them. Let's create one new big one - the social democratic party of Russia. There will be three parties. And to make the elections free - 2 weeks of free airs, free placement on newspaper pages and advertising campaigning in the same places, in the same format. And that's all. All this will be settled here, and no one will doubt the elections, and we will have a normal European standard. Everything.

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