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Nostalgically or out of interest invites you to look through the Russian press. Such as it was 24 years ago. In this issue - Komsomolskaya Pravda, Pravda, Kommersant, Arguments and Facts, Sport-Express, Izvestia and Moskovsky Komsomolets.


On Saturday, September 28, 1991, Moscow was visited by AC DC, Metallica, Black сrowes. In Tushino, 300,000 people came to the Monsters Of Rock in Moscow festival and threw bottles at each other. Traumatic brain injuries, trash, jackets, knives on the ground after the concert. The group EST spoke out from Russia - “an attempt to put the Russian pub on a metal base”.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” recalls the August putsch and publishes the views of US residents. Mike Thomas, 48 ​​years old: “Russians are moving along the path leading to the attainment of true freedom. It will be a long way ... And this is understandable: not a single people now wants to be ruled by a handful of tyrants. ”

Out of the USSR championship in American football. In the final played "Moscow Bears" and "Moscow Swans". The owners of the forest were bears.

A short interview with the "pioneer of the erotic genre" in Russian cinema. Great start to the dialogue:

- We have here prepared a selection of erotica in the movie, we have interesting pictures

- Mine?

“No, not yours, but we would like to ...”

- Well, you give!

"The station is the point of contact of the worlds." New column "I see." These pictures can be published today. The same board, platform and, as the author finishes his text: "Autumn mood in the eyes of the mourners."


As always - “do not whine”, “everything will be fine”.

On the second page of Pravda, dated October 3, 1991, the politician O. S. Shenin talks about “Is it easy to be a Kremlin husband?”

Congratulations on the teacher's day. The newspaper "Pravda". October 6, 1991.


On the night of September 25-26, 18 paintings of the Tretyakov Gallery are being stolen at an exhibition in Genoa. The front page of the Kommersant weekly is devoted to this. Two weeks later Italian artcarabineers found all 18 paintings.

About the art of the title in Kommersant.

Dmitry Shavyrin and Artemy Troitsky behind the scenes at the very music festival in Tushino.

"Arguments and Facts"

The leaders of the poll AIF - Peter I, Jesus and Einstein.

Revision AIF constantly receives letters asking for help in the fight against masturbation. AIF publishes and gives the answer.

What do the presidents of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan believe in? "The point of view of the President of the Turkmen SSR, Saparmurad Niyazov, was expressed by the spokesman:" The President believes in the human mind, and in the office hung a portrait of the poet and philosopher Makhtumkuli.

Category "Question-Answer".

On October 6, at 4:40 pm, a 35-year-old Moscow composer and singer Igor Talkov was killed at a concert in St. Petersburg's Yubileiny Sports Palace. In an interview with AIF, the singer called the incident “a man's mess”.

A note in the newspaper "Evening Moscow". October 7, 1991.


Front page. October 1, 1991.

Great tennis players go to Moscow for the second “Kremlin Cup”: Boris Becker, Jimmy Connors, Andre Agassi. The participants decided to transfer the entire fee to the needs of the children of Russia.


In September, during the Soviet-American teleconference with the participation of Gorbachev and Yeltsin, they announced that in the near future the remaining Soviet political prisoners would be amnestied. October 1 held a press conference pardoned.

Questions that ask the newspaper Izvestia. Among them: “Tell me, who needs a hungry democracy?” Or “Why have we praised the CPSU for decades when we saw poverty, neglect, embezzlement and drunkenness all around?”

A big seven are going to Moscow. Miracles.

And finally, 15 wise teachings, instructions on how to become cool and Taimyr horoscope from the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Scorpio: “At the beginning of the middle of the month, get up at six in the morning and do not lie down until you finish the anthem. Then sleep it off and, with the knowledge of the rightness of your business, enter the league of sexual minorities and immediately organize a Bolshevik faction there.

Pisces: “Two days a week the food service worked and will work in your honor, so try not to overeat black caviar and sprat. At the same time, know: it is better to tea and get coffee. If some fish is not married, then on the bezrybe Cancer is the most suitable pair. Avoid intimacy at 00:00. ”

“The most amazing thing is that any person can get cool in reality. And what, bought a water gun for 12 re, drove from the ring to Komsomolskaya for three, took the young lady for 5 rubles. Isn't it cool? ”Writes Victoria, enjoying her steepness.

See you next week!

Yury Saprykin

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