"Now caught a frog and gave mangus. Ate"

Maria Pavlovna Chekhova

Masha! Hurry up to go home, because without you our intensive farm has come into complete decline. There is nothing, the flies have overpowered, strangling miasms are coming from the Vater, the mangus has broken a jar of jam and so on. and so on

All summer residents sigh and mourn your departure. There is nothing new. Goge still does not meet with anyone in sympathy and uselessly tossing about the yard, his oblique Usiris, as well as in front of you, smiles in his eyes, and puts eyes behind his eyes in sour cream. The spider from morning till evening is busy with its spiders. Five spider legs already described, now there are only three. When he does away with the spiders, he will take on the fleas that he will catch on his aunt. Kiselyovs sit in the club every night, and no hints of mine touch them.

We still quarrel at the table very rarely: only at lunch and at dinner. The weather is hot, no mushrooms. Suvorin has not arrived yet. Elena has returned and is already running up the stairs. News, I repeat, no.

Bow to Baroness Ikskul, to all Lintvaryov, Sakharov and Markov. Buy a piece of soap and give it to Leela: let him wash his face.

Do not forget to remind Sushkin that I forgot his liquor.

Come soon, for boring damn. Now they caught a frog and gave mangus. Ate

Good luck. Socialists do not show: they must be plotting separatism. Ukraine ne ne forget it. Be healthy; bring with you Baroness Ikskul. Convince her that we are bored without her.

Your Antonio.

July 5, 1891


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