Israel is so young

The founding father of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, proclaims the independence of the state. May 14, 1948

Planting trees in honor of the Jewish holiday Tu B'Shvat ("New Year of the Trees")

Kibbutz Ruhama, Negev, 1940s - 1950s

Children surrounded a street vendor in Tel Aviv to buy the flag of Israel after independence. May 15, 1948

Golda Meir, 1948

Immigrants on the deck of a ship sailing to Israel

Home kibbutz Ein Gev after shelling during the war of independence, 1948

The parade of 1952

Excavations at Beit Yareah, 1951

The sculptor Hanna Orloff at the opening of the statue "Mother and Son", Ein Gev, 1951

Hoisting the famous "ink flag", marked the end of the war. 1949

On the road to Tiberias, 1950

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