My accessory

Any accessory is a sign that refers to something, or is used to pay attention to something. And this thing may not be very catchy and extravagant, but rather ordinary, but, nevertheless, very dear to its owner.

Even if it is just a bookmark for a book that was originally a pocket calendar of 1976 with the fountains of VDNH depicted on the front side. The calendar itself came into my hands only a few years ago. Prior to that, he lay with different phones, notes relating to work, or simply circled dates of important events in the notebooks of my grandfather. He brought this small, already slightly crumpled piece of paper from a vacation trip to the capital, to which he went with his wife.

For him, this calendar, indeed, was just a piece of paper, which, perhaps, only by chance remained in personal belongings, and was not thrown away with the onset of the New Year holidays. However, now, after many years, he is endowed with a certain symbolism for me personally. Because I belonged to a person whom I incredibly admired when he was alive and remember to this day.

The calendar, of course, spends most of its time between book pages, but when novels are read, it sometimes turns out to be in a purse. Which also has its own little story.

Walking around on a sunny summer day, hoping to hide from the stifling heat of the store air conditioners, I went to visit my girlfriend, who worked in the sales department specializing in ethnic-themed souvenirs. As always, we talked a lot about everything. But after a few hours, it is time to say goodbye. And at this moment, I committed an impulsive act, which has no secret impulse. I bought a purse with a Perm bear and a Komi-Permian pendant with a picture of a bird. The only reason why I did that was because it was because I visually liked these items!

So there are things with me that mean a lot to me and those that were bought spontaneously, but which are not less valuable to me.

Watch the video: Full Tour of My Accessory Collection and Jewelry Storage. by Erin Elizabeth (November 2019).


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