"The most beautiful feather on the hat of surrealism"

On April 20, 1893, Juan (Joan) Miro was born in Barcelona - an outstanding Catalan artist, surrealist, cubist, primitive, experimenter, sculptor, graphic artist, collage artist, and decorator. Eugene Ionesco talked about his work in the following way: “Miro is a dancing garden, a singing chorus, an opera colored with flowers born in rays of light. This world is both fleeting and at the same time completely real. Juiciness of paints gives it a corresponding accent, meaningful expressiveness. Pure emotionality, a little ironic, devoid of feigned sweetness. This gift is the mercy of God. ”

On the birthday of Juan Miro, the author of diletant.media Anna Zarubina chose several of his statements. Perhaps for someone they will be the key to the creativity of the most cheerful and vivacious artist.

“For me, an object is something living. This cigarette or this box of matches contains a secret life, much more intense than people might think. ”

“I try to use colors, like words that form verses, like notes that form music”

“Works should be conceived with fire in the soul, but performed with clinical coolness”

Joan Miro. Photo of Karl van Wechten, June 1935

“It is not difficult for me to explain to you where my characters come from with eyes everywhere: the eye on the face, the eye on the leg, the eye on the back or the eye on the stalks or on the tip of a peculiar horn. They go back to the Romanesque chapel, where there is an angel, whose eyes instead of feathers. In another Roman angel, the eye is on the arm, right in the palm of your hand. I saw them in Barcelona when I was a kid. The eye always enchanted me ... "

“I feel the need to achieve maximum intensity with minimum funds”

“During the whole period in which I work on canvas, I feel how I began to love him with the love that is born from a slow understanding.”

Joan Miro at work

“What I'm looking for is motionless, something that would be equivalent to what is called eloquence of silence, or as St. John on the cross, I think it would be described by the term "silent music" "

“For me, a form is never abstract, it is always a star, a person or something else.”

“When I work, a certain substance becomes a sign of a woman or a bird for me”

Pablo Picasso, Jose Maria Sert and Juan Miro

“I begin to paint, and while I draw, the painting itself is approved under my brush”

"Everything that I draw, I saw in the fields or on the seashore"

“I think that after the grandiose movement of the Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, Symbolists, after the Fauvists and Cubists ... we came to free art, the main focus of which is on the internal vibrations of the creative soul. This modern analytic movement will elevate the spirit of bright freedom. ”

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