Lermontov without gloss. Continuation

To begin with, Martynov did not know how to shoot at all. He aimed at the fence, and hit the cow - it's about him. Therefore, when the next ridiculous duel of Lermontov was still appointed, none of the comrades particularly worried - Nikolay Solomonovich exactly miss, Michel just shoot in the air, so let's set the table in advance in honor of the happy reconciliation of friends.

Duel. (wikipedia.org)

Of course, experienced duelists tried to prevent the fight altogether, because usually, if they quarreled for a while, they were separated and removed from each other in different cities, a quarrel, you see, it is forgotten by itself and the work is done without any calls. At this time, you can hold a confidential conversation with the instigator of the quarrel and try to persuade him that the cause of a jigger is not worth it, and why all these early climbs and shaking with yeas go to hell. Lermontov was immediately sent out of sight, Martynov was visited, but the reception did not work. Nikolai Solomonovich waited patiently.

When Michelle returned, the experienced duelists did not give up and did not give up. There is a way out, they say. It is only necessary that the seconds could assign any conditions. No one objected. The seconds assigned a distance of 30 steps - well, 20 meters, no less. Having measured the put 30 steps, the second Glebov threw a hat at his feet. Then the second came Vasilchikov and kicked her with her foot so that she flew away a few more steps. Again no one objected. Lermontov was deliberately placed above Martynov - it is more difficult to aim at a high target. It was evening, it was raining, the terrain was clouded by fog. Visibility, frankly, lousy.

Lermontov on his deathbed. R. Schwede. (wikipedia.org)

As Glebov recalled, on the way to a duel, Lermontov did not give any death orders and shared plans for two future works: “one of the times of the deadly battle of two great nations, with a plot in Petersburg, actions in the heart of Russia and near Paris and an end in Vienna, and the other from Caucasian life, with Tiflis under Yermolov, his dictatorship and the bloody pacification of the Caucasus, the Persian war and catastrophe, among which Griboedov died. " He regretted that he did not get fired in Petersburg and was looking forward to going on an expedition. Already standing in front of Martynov and hiding his hand with a gun raised up, he kept a calm expression on his face. Lermontov really didn’t intend to shoot: “The hand doesn’t rise at him,” he said about Martynov, and shortly before the duel he repeated: “I’ll start shooting at such a fool.”

"Such a fool" hit right in the heart, the bullet went to take off. Nobody knew how to bury him, at home, there, surprisingly, all unbelievers gathered, it was unfashionable for them to delve into such things - they were walking around and around, lamenting, into a coffin and could not be put without a hint. For the sake of my grandmother, they understood that they had to be buried in an Orthodox manner. But since Lermontov is a duelist, and, therefore, a suicide, neither the requiem nor the place in the cemetery was allowed to him. The father was persuaded, traditionally, with gifts - in exchange for an expensive icon in silver. He really did not come anyway. What is his, no other cases.

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