Negligent western man

In the second half of the 19th century, a series of caricatures of famous Western inventors and scientists appeared. They are all shown obsessed with their ideas, and so much so that it destroys their lives. Probably with the help of these illustrations the Japanese wanted to show the gulf between them and the Europeans.

John Hitkot upset his wife that he went bankrupt while inventing a loom for making lace

Mice ate recordings of naturalist John James Audubon

Bernard Palissy decided to burn all the furniture in the house for the sake of good porcelain

The long-term work of the botanist Louvre Carlisle is on fire, while the dog, who drops the lamp, flees the scene

Engineer James Watt upset his aunt by inventing the steam engine for too long

Richard Arkwright spent so much time on another invention for so long that he went bankrupt. His crazy wife has destroyed everything.

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