Soviet republic of sailors and builders

The “Soviet Republic” was proclaimed on the island of Nargen (the Estonian name Naissaar) on December 17, 1917 by the local garrison in protest against the evacuation from the Baltic States under the terms of the Brest Peace. The island’s garrison turned the land into a “land dreadnought” that controlled the approaches to the Revel naval base of the Baltic Fleet and the Revel raid. His number was small - 80−90 people. Revolutionary sailors, artillery team, military builders. The latter continued the strengthening of the local fort begun in 1911.

The anarchist communist Stepan Petrichenko, senior clerk of the battleship Petropavlovsk, initiated the creation and chairman of the local Sovnarkom. A population of 300 people chose the Council. For almost three months from December 1917 to February 1918, he collected taxes from the people, led them, occasionally engaged in violence and looting-expropriations. Not everyone agreed with the new government. Yes, and the sailors themselves, they used to drink.

Stepan Petrichenko, anarcho-communist, Chek agent, emigrant

As already mentioned, Naissaar lived under the Soviet regime for only three months. Then the German troops occupied Revel (since 1919 - Tallinn). The revolutionaries had superiority over the enemy, which allowed the Kaiser troops to occupy the city, the port and the naval base of the Baltic Fleet with fire from the armored batteries of the heavy coastal artillery. However, they did not accept the battle, did not blow up fortifications and guns. They preferred to retire to Helsinki, and from there on a warship to Kronstadt. On the island were some of their colleagues, whom the Germans captured.

Six months later, representatives of independent Estonia arrived on the island and found there 50 German soldiers abandoned by the command who, independently, without an order, organized a prison. It contained 300 prisoners: the local people, as well as revolutionaries abandoned by their comrades. The latter were released as political prisoners in February 1919.

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