Allan Chumak: I will charge, charge and charge

From athlete to healer

Thanks to his father, who worked as a translator, the boy had such an unusual name for the Soviet Union - Allan. In general, little is known about Chumak’s childhood. Only that he was born in Moscow on May 26, 1935, he studied poorly at school, because he “tried not to load his head with unnecessary, as it seemed, knowledge” and was very fond of astronomy. A poet in the planetarium, Allan was a frequent visitor.

But one case turned the boy's life upside down. One day, the younger brother asked him to tell about far-off India. He has long and colorful, in the smallest details described the exotic country, the life of local residents, their culture and religion. At the same time, as Chumak himself recalled, he did not know anything at all about India. Information about the country just "dripped" into his head. He believes that this particular episode became a reference point in the development of his abilities.

In childhood, Chumaku "dropped" all the information about India

But then he became interested in cycling and the “special” abilities faded into the background. Career athlete developed successfully. And after her graduation, Allan became a coach. But the incident in Minsk forced him to reconsider his life priorities. The scientific report of Chumak was called by his colleagues “made-up” and “pseudo-scientific”. Therefore, Chumak was forced to leave the sport.

He did not grieve for long - he entered the Moscow State University at the Faculty of Journalism. And then went to work as a sports commentator.

In the late 70s, Chumak began working on one “unsportsmanlike” material associated with quack magicians. And then he suddenly "remembered" about his abilities. But at the same time I felt a healing power. Soon, a certain voice sounded in his head, which declared “it's time for you to learn.” Chumak, of course, did not resist.

It is curious that this voice, according to Allan Vladimirovich, behaved like a real teacher. For example, he said: "Come at 11 o'clock with a pen and a notebook." And at the appointed time, a course of lectures on the universe and energy flows began.

All Moscow spoke about Chumak

Soon Chumak began to practice. The first patient had diseased kidneys. During the home session, Allan managed to cure her, “straightening” the energy field of the woman. After that, in 1983, he began active cooperation with the Research Institute of General and Pedagogical Psychology of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. In parallel, Chumak was taking patients at home. Word of mouth played into his hands - the whole of Moscow spoke about the all-powerful "healer".

Blue screen star

In 1989, Allan Chumak held his first television session. Viewers, he asked to sit at the screens, taking a comfortable position, and next to put the banks filled with some liquid. She "charged" her. This process took place through the chaotic waving of hands and whisper unheard to anyone. People believed (or simply convinced themselves) that this person was able to cure them through television. After all, he - a real miracle worker!

Chumak's popularity grew from one program to another. There was probably not a single family in the country that would not try to use its services.

Critics and skeptics claimed that Chumak had one talent - he was a truly wonderful psychologist. During the face-to-face sessions, Allan loved to put pressure on the patient. He gave him two creams - regular and “charged”. He demanded to put them on the body, and then he was interested in sensations, “was there any difference?”. Subject, of course, nodded affirmatively, even if he did not feel it.

Chumak charged water through TV screens and collected stadiums

An interesting case occurred in the early 90s. There was information that Chumak personally "charged" the latest issue of "Evening Moscow". He was swept away in just a few hours. And Allan himself in the interviews to the left and to the right told about wonderful recovery stories. Now the child came out of the coma due to his “energy”, then the paralyzed limbs started to work again ... In general, everyone was healed. Another thing is curious: neither proved nor failed to disprove these "fairy tales".

Popularity decline

Ratings Chumak strongly suppressed the ban of propaganda of non-traditional methods of treatment. And the television sessions were just that. Therefore, on TV "miracle worker" no longer shown.

But even before that, Chumak had a strong competitor in the person of Anatoly Kashpirovsky. According to Allan Vladimirovich, Kashpirovsky is the response of the Ministry of Health, which thus decided to end it. After all, the competitor was a certified psychotherapist, and Chumak had no medical education. Therefore, Kashpirovsky from the TV screens and during face-to-face meetings with patients did what he could best - hypnotized people.

Chumak and Kashpirovsky practically did not communicate and rarely overlapped. The only time they collided occurred on a plane flying to America.

Chumak sessions were banned in the early 90s

In the middle and the late 90s, little was said about Chumak, his time was already gone. But Allan Vladimirovich does not leave his occupation to this day. By the end of the 2000s, he published several books in which he spoke about the methods of his treatment. And in 2008 he even took part in the Ukrainian version of “The Battle of the Psychics”. True, as a member of the jury.

Allan Vladimirovich keeps up with the times, despite his respectable age. He has his own website (it works, however, with large interruptions). There Chumak sells discs with “wellness procedures” records. The description says that you need about six months and life will get better. And you can also purchase his photo. Here it only acts all the same six months.

Chumak himself often states that he “cured a whole generation” and, in general, “energized several subsequent generations of people.” Well, believe it or not - the choice always remains for the person on the other side of the screen.

Watch the video: ASMR - Alan Chumak 1980's Healer real (November 2019).


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