"I love you, monkey"

8. XI.23

From Berlin to Berlin

How can I explain to you, my happiness, my golden, amazing happiness, how much I am all yours - with all my memories, poems, impulses, internal whirlwinds? ... And I know: I don’t know how to tell you anything with words - and when on the phone - so very bad coming out. Because you need to talk to you - it’s wondrous, as they say, for people who haven’t been around for a long time ... I just want to tell you that without you, life somehow doesn’t seem to me - despite the fact that you think that I have "fun" for two days don't see you And you know, it turns out that it was not Edison who invented the phone at all, but some other American — a quiet little man — whose name nobody remembers. It serves him right.

Listen, my happiness - you will no longer say that I am torturing you? How I would like to take you somewhere with you - you know how such ancient brigands did: a wide hat, a black mask and a musket with a bell. I love you, I want you, I need you unbearably ... Your eyes, your voice, lips, your shoulders are so light, sunny ... I write all this lying in bed ... I love you.
I'll be waiting for you tomorrow at 11 o'clock in the evening - but don't call me after 9 o'clock.



7. VI.26

From Berlin to the sanatorium Art. Blasien in the Black Forest, in southern Germany.

My monkey, yesterday at about nine I went out to walk, feeling the thunderstorm tension in my whole body, which is a harbinger of poetry. Returning to ten home, I somehow crawled into myself, fumbled, suffered and got out with nothing ... ... After a while, I again turned on the light, blinded into the toilet. There, water squishes for a long time and sweats up after you pull ... I read newspapers before dinner (I received a letter from my mother; they lived close, but not bad) then ate potatoes with pieces of meat and a lot of Swiss cheese. ... It seems not so much air as “family affairs” "They drive you from S. B ... No, monkey, don't come back - you will be thrust into the oldest, nastiest small suitcase and sent back ...
I love you, monkey


First published in the book Letters to Vera (Letters to Vera), which was based on archival materials of the Nabokov family.

Spelling and punctuation of the author saved.

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