Our enemies. Heinrich Himmler

The Reichsfuhrer SS and the Reich Minister of the Interior of Germany Heinrich Himmler organized the most brutal massacres and war crimes. The historian Elena Syanova "paints" a portrait of a man who has turned from an ordinary Munich into a bloody monster.
The project was prepared for the Price of Victory program of the Echo of Moscow radio station.
In 1926, one graduate of the Faculty of Agriculture, together with his wife, bought a small farm near Munich and started breeding chickens. But some kind of pestilence attacked the hens, and the spouses went bankrupt. Then the spouse advised her unlucky half to devote herself entirely to what the loser always has a chance to join in - politics. Yes, such advice was given by Margaret Himmler to her Heinrich. He fell in love.

Heinrich Himmler in 1929. Photo of Heinrich Hoffman

Heinrich Himmler did not keep diaries and did not write memoirs, but he was very fond of telling his prophetic dreams. After the chicken fiasco, being in a severe depression, he told Margaret that he saw himself sitting on a stone at the side of the road in the form of an Olympian who had descended from the mountain to look at the romp of mortals, to experience their feelings, or even just walk around the grass.
Margaret Himmler, who recalled this story in 1948, could not see how, in May 1945, her Heinrich and his two companions made their way to Field Marshal Montgomery on a broken road and sat down on a stone and told his doctor, Karl Gebhardt, that , it's so nice to get off of Olympus and walk on the grass, which he has seen for years only in the form of “tufts and bundles between the age-old stonework of Wewelsburg”.

Himmler did not write memoirs, but loved to tell dreams

In history there are times of optical illusions, when it seems to almost everyone that a small shopkeeper really tramples the clouds with his feet and controls the elements. Just need to remember that such Olympus always sent poppy to the pit. Heinrich Himmler is a kind of reserve of evil, in which historical poachers often stupidly burn, while not daring to approach even the fence. Heinrich Himmler is a man who, according to the same Gebhardt, smiled happily for the first time when bloodless Germany could only moan through gritted teeth.

Heinrich Himmler with his wife Margaret and daughter Gudrun

“Without me, European states have no future. Without me, Europe will split into two camps - civilized and Bolshevik. Without me, I will have to look for a replacement, and then the struggle against “red” Russia will stretch for decades, ”he said so and smiled happily, confident that only now, in May 1945, the SS golden hour finally arrived. . True, some dirty traces should also be swept away: to hide the archives, to remove the witnesses, but the main thing is the ashes.

In the spring of 1945, the commanders of the Einsatzgruppen in their reports complained that the ashes, which are scattered in long strips along the roads, “stubbornly refuse to leave the ground, and black ribbons hover over the greened fields”.

Rather impulsively than deliberately, Himmler crushed a vial of poison

Kaltenbrunner offered to blow up entire camps, drown barges. Muller - to test the shelling, air raid. In general, while the tracks were somehow swept up, Himmler took care of the frames. Since February, the SS headquarters began to crawl away, leaving rat paths, float away on submarines of a new type, going three hundred miles without refueling. Soon, South America and the Middle East will be struck by this Hammer infection and will begin to hurt their own multicolored dictatorships. But this is in perspective.
And after the suicide of Hitler, Himmler went to Dönitz. However, the new government immediately made it clear that its current historical mission is to take on the main sins, horns and hooves of the sacrificial goat and not to kick. And Himmler, spitting on this dung heap, went to Montgomery himself. Along the way, as I could, I changed my appearance, hid, but an unplanned meeting with Secret Service took place.

Himmler's body after suicide, May 1945

There are several versions of subsequent events. But it is authentically known only about the deathbed of the former Reichsführer Out of fear of losing the last ampoule (the rest had already been taken from him), he rather impulsively than consciously crushed it with his teeth. No, Himmler was not going to die. He worked too well for the future and soberly assessed the degree of cynicism of European politicians. And note, not the black SS, which carried the smoke of Auschwitz, but the gray, waffen, front-line, with a halo of honest soldiers, absolutely loyal to him, Himmler was going to offer Europe as a police anti-communist man. I think he was mistaken after all, and all the cynicism of post-war Europe would still not be enough to use Himmler.

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