Vanished Sigismund Levanevsky

Year: 1935
Country: USSR
In January 1935, a series of ten marks was issued, dedicated to the rescue of the Chelyuskinites. Portraits of the first heroes of the Soviet Union were decorated with laurel branches. Only one drawing was different from the rest: Sigismund Levanevsky's face was framed by laurel and palm branches. Why the artist in this particular case decided to change the composition is not known, but some immediately remembered that the palm branch symbolizes grief and martyrdom, and took it as a bad sign.

In August 1935, Levanevsky headed the crew of the ANT-25 aircraft, which was supposed to fly from Moscow to San Francisco over the North Pole without landing. On this occasion, a commemorative red overprint was made on the stamp with the portrait of the pilot. A mistake has crept into a part of the circulation - the word "San Francisco" came out with a lowercase letter "f". In addition, two sheets came out with an inverted overprint (it was said that this rarity was produced at the direction of Heinrich Berry, who collected stamps when he was free from the leadership of the Commissariat of Internal Affairs). The inverted overprints turned out to be either twenty, or forty, of which with a small "f" - either five, or ten. The flight did not succeed - in the engine, the oil boiled too generously there, and the plane was forced to land in Novgorod. Two years later, Levanevsky headed the flight to Alaska, but his board disappeared without a trace somewhere in the Arctic. It was then that many remembered the mourning palm branch on the stamp.
In 1943, a stamp with an inverted overprint was confiscated from a Moscow collector - a meeting of the “big three” was being prepared in Tehran, and Stalin wanted to give the passionate philatelist Roosevelt a Soviet super-rarity. Today, the auction price for a brand with an inverted little “f” comes to half a million dollars, and its mystical history worries many - not without reason it is mentioned in the science fiction novels of Cyrus Bulychev and Boris Strugatsky.

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