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Being a world-wide filmmaker, you have no right to lock yourself in your room, creating another masterpiece. Fans will regard the retreat as a personal insult, and journalists will respond with stinging attacks. Fame brings with it a lot of responsibilities, pleasant and not very. Among them are visits to endless bashes and the need to constantly be in sight. If you neglect secular conventions, someone else may take your place. It happened to Stanley Kubrick: a certain Alan Conway successfully pretended to be a great director. He earned good money, drank dozens of liters of alcohol at the expense of others, and even used the sex services, promising partners the role in their new films. How fake Kubrick fooled show business sharks? Read the material

Before an impostor burst into the life of Stanley Kubrick, he cared about his reputation with almost manic zeal. Working on films, the director sought absolute perfection. He forced tormented actors to rehearse the same scene over and over again, until she was fed up with everything, including the lights and the sound engineer. Bequeathed to look at his pictures only in English, in order to prevent the slightest inaccuracies of translation. I personally checked how the subtitles “lay down” on the picture. Kubrick considered his early film Fear and Lust not ideal enough and did everything to make it disappear from circulation.

Stanley Kubrick

Appearing in public, Stanley always attracted attention - a prominent man in an elegant black suit. He was difficult to be confused with someone else. A frequent visitor to secular parties, the director, it would seem, was not at all ready to give up the cost of fame. However, after the scandalous adaptation of Nabokov's novel “Lolita”, the movie “A Clockwork Orange” in which a teenager commits a series of brutal crimes, and the crazy success of “Shine”, Kubrick suddenly goes into the shadows.

British singer rented for the fake Kubrick "Rolls Royce"

Since 1987, he has ceased to appear in public, and the retreat has lasted for more than 10 years. By this time, Stanley has become the most recognizable director in Western cinema. His films were either admired or terrified. The third option was not. However, the creator disappeared, and the masterpieces remained. And if the real Kubrick locked himself in his English estate and worked on the picture “Eyes wide shut”, the public was ready to invent a new film genius for herself - and enjoy communicating with him in no-limit mode.

The protagonist of the movie "A Clockwork Orange"

"The genius of the cinema" was Alan Conway - a sort of British Ostap Bender spill. He began his career as a fraudster in his youth. In 13 years after the unsuccessful theft, Alan found himself in a correctional facility. When he was released, he took up personal branding: he invented various names and biographies for himself in order to get money into deception. By the time of his marriage, several fraud cases were brought up against him. The newlyweds left London and went to South Africa, where they enjoyed a carefree life. However, after some time, the couple was forced to go back - the authorities became interested in Conway’s fake deals. Miraculously, he managed to get away from the water and open his travel agency. True, it remains a mystery how far his clients flew, and whether they flew away at all.

Alan-Stanley made influential friends among politicians and sharks of show business

In the late 80s, Alan’s family was falling apart. Latent homosexual, he goes to his lover. After the death of his wife, his son Martin moves to him. A father beats a boy and mocks him with his friends. At age 16, Martin is taken to an orphanage. Alan is increasingly addicted to alcohol and suffers from lack of money. In the late 80s a brilliant plan matures in the mind of an enterprising man: pretend to be Kubrick. This name is a pass to the Bohemian world with exquisite dinners, expensive cars and private clubs.

Frame from "Be Stanley Kubrick" tape

There was one snag - Alan poorly versed in the movie, and, in particular, in the films of Kubrick. Deciding to reincarnate as a cinematographer, he did not bother to see his pictures. Even the most innocent question of directing would put a fake genius to a standstill. Rescued his incredible artistry and charm - representatives of show business rarely dared to ask the master of the cinema questions about his work.

Kubrick himself reacted to the tricks of the fraudster rather indifferently

If the question was still asked, Alan gave him an extremely vague answer. To the great director such answers, of course, were forgiven. Even journalists who had worked in the cinema for years and knew how the auto-remake differs from the usual remake, and the close-up from the targeted, did not notice the changes. The confidence that the fake Kubrick exuded left no doubt.

Interview Conway 1996

But Alan was not at all like Stanley. And then the director let down ... beard. Because of it, the public did not remember the cinematographer’s features very well. The fraudster played into his hands - he said that he had shaved off his beard, and there were no questions asked.

Conway got a pass to the best parties. Here he met with movie stars; some of them fake Kubrick promised roles in his new films. The actors instantly agreed to collaborate. So, Julian Walters and Patricia Hayes succumbed to Alan's charms. By the way, at this point Conway already showed signs of delusions of grandeur. He told the girls that he would consider their participation in the filming "with a small degree of probability." Only in the event that there are no better candidates.

Conway promised the role of the actresses, if there are no better candidates

Alan-Stanley quickly found influential friends, among them Fergus Montgomery, a former member of parliament. He managed to twirl and singer Joe Longtorn, promising to use his compositions in his new masterpiece. In exchange for this, poor Joe paid Alan a luxury hotel on the coast and rented Rolls-Royce for him. A week later, Longtorn thought to call Warner Brothers, and then the deception broke out. But the money has already been paid. In addition, the singer was ashamed to admit how easily he succumbed to the tricks of a fraudster. About the unfortunate incident, he chose not to spread, allowing Conway to continue his adventure.

Shot from the movie “Be Stanley Kubrick”

Alan feasted at the expense of others, took expensive gifts. He found his sexual partners among men, predicting world fame for them. Somehow drunk Kubrick came to an interview with American journalists in the company of two young men, which gave rise to rumors of his homosexuality.

The deception could not last forever - more and more “victims” appealed to Warner Brothers, and some even called the lawyer of the real Kubrick. The latter said that the director still wears a beard, incidentally appealing to their common sense. About Conway learned Stanley himself. He reacted to the tricks of the fraudster rather indifferently, despite the fact that earlier with maniacal zeal he cared about his reputation. But his wife Christian Kubrick called the impostor "disgusting type."

In 1996, the adventures of Alan-Stanley ceased. The British press has published devastating publications; according to one of the versions, the disclosure took place after Conway tried to take a large loan in a bank for the London gay club, while signing as Stanley Kubrick.

Alan Conway died in December 1998, three months before the death of the great director. His story formed the basis of the film “To be Stanley Kubrick”. Brilliant adventurer in this picture played by John Malkovich.

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