God bless ministers

Winston Churchill

According to a survey conducted in the early 2000s by the BBC, Winston Churchill was recognized as the greatest Briton of all time. Such a voting outcome did not come as a surprise to anyone. At the same time, the British Prime Minister was remembered by the world not only by far-sighted decisions, but also by very extravagant acts. For example, Churchill loved to take a nap for an hour or so after a hearty lunch, that he even ordered him to put a bed for him right in the parliament building.

“I can not predict the actions of Russia. This is a puzzle wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a riddle. ”

“Only the statistics are reliable that you falsified yourself.”

"There is no better infusion into the country's economy than the infusion of mother's milk into the mouth of a baby."

Anthony Eden

Eden was promoted to Prime Minister by the patronage of his closest friend and associate, Winston Churchill. The latter insistently recommended the monarch George VI to appoint such a person to such a high post in the event of his death, Churchill. And so it happened - Anthony Eden became the successor of the legendary politician. From a political point of view, his premiership was not the best for the UK, but we should not forget that Eden helped save several hundred thousand Jews from the horrors of the Holocaust.

"The Second World War diminishes the size of the globe."

"It is clear to me that any world organization that can be created must be strengthened by various systems of alliances."

“Speech must have a good beginning and an effective ending. But the main thing is that these two parts be as close as possible to each other. ”

Margaret Thatcher

The famous “Iron Lady” became the first woman in Europe to occupy the prime minister’s chair. And in this position, Thatcher was seriously and for a long time - she did not leave the post for a full eleven years. By the way, the mentioned nickname stuck for Thatcher because of the statement of the Soviet journalist Yuri Gavrilov, who in 1979 so christened the British Prime Minister in response to the harsh criticism of the USSR from her side.

Interestingly, in her youth, Margaret was not at all dreaming about a political career. She graduated from the chemistry department of Oxford University and even managed to work on the production of ice cream.

“It's amazing to have a real crisis in your hands after half of your political life has gone on all sorts of boring things like environmental protection!”

“All climb Everest for themselves, but everyone raises the flag of their country above the top”.

“It doesn't matter how much my ministers talk, as long as they do what I say.”

Anthony Blair

Blair, remembered by the public under the affectionate name of "Tony", went down in history as the British Prime Minister, the most loyal to US policy. Blair turned out to be a political long-liver: in the 20th century, only he and Margaret Thatcher were elected to the premiership post three times. However, Tony’s youth did not at all foreshadow such a dizzying career: the future politician grew his hair, preferred ripped jeans to a strict school uniform and systematically brought teachers to a nervous tic.

“If the world has become safer, why does Britain so stubbornly refuse to accept refugees from Syria, Libya, Iraq and other countries?”

“Ask me about the three main priorities for the government, and I will tell you. Education, education, education.

"The other half of our planet is shrouded in shadow and darkness."

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