Four times Ukrainian hetman Yuri Khmelnitsky

Year: 2006

Country Ukraine

The eldest son of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, who recognized the power of the Russian tsar over Little Russia, was first elected hetman of Ukraine at the age of 16 in 1657. Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, who voted for the teenager, clearly thought that the apple did not fall far from the apple tree. How wrong they were! Unlike papa, Yuri was a sluggish, weak-character and not charismatic man. Having progressed around a year and not showing up at all, Yuri easily gave up power to Ivan Vyhovsky, while he went to study at the Kiev Theological Academy, dreaming of becoming a priest.

However, the cramming of church books quickly tired of the young man. He again wanted power and Cossack freemen. A few months later, at the parliament near Belaya Tserkov, the Cossacks unanimously supported Yuri's candidacy. In 1660, the new hetman had a chance to show off his talent as a commander - the Cossack army had to support the Russian army of Vasily Sheremetev, who opposed the Poles. However, Khmelnitsky not only did not help the Slav brothers, but he himself was surrounded, surrendered and recognized the power of the Polish king over Ukraine.

Not all Cossacks liked this. An army was gathered against Yuriy under the command of his uncle Yakim Somko. Tired of civil strife, Yuri in 1662 resigned as hetman and took the hair of the monastery. But even there he did not find peace. The new hetman Pavel Teteria decided that for the monk Yuri was too actively communicating with the Cossacks, and put him in prison for three years.

In 1669, Yuri was in Turkey. Sultan had great views of Ukraine and wanted to use the weakling with a sonorous last name in his own interests. After 7 years, Yuri got home in the train of the Turkish army. The invaders proclaimed him the Ukrainian hetman for the third time. From such turns of fate, the roof of the new / old ruler went completely. Because of his cruelty in 1681, the Turks removed Yuri from a responsible post. But two years later, the Ottomans for the fourth time gave Khmelnytsky to hold on to the hetman's mace. True, again not for long. The hetman’s atrocities overwhelmed the Turkish patience, and Yury Khmelnitsky was strangled by order of his masters in Kamenets-Podolsky.

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