Parents of famous politicians

What is it like to be the parents of a future head of state or famous politician? recalled several historical examples and decided to share with you biographies and a history of the development of relationships in some families.

Rose and Joseph Kennedy

Rose Elizabeth Kennedy, nee Fitzgerald, was born July 22, 1890 in a prestigious district of Boston, Massachusetts. She was the eldest of six children in a wealthy and well-known family. Father Rose, an Irish-American pollux John F. Fitzgerald, served as a congressman for the United States Senate for one term and was twice elected as mayor of Boston. John’s wife, Mary Josephine Hannon, was his second cousin at the same time. The couple were zealous Catholics, so their children received a rather conservative upbringing.

In the summer of 1907, Fitzgerald with children went to rest on the Atlantic coast, in the popular resort town of Old Orchard Beach. Next to them settled the Kennedy family. So 17-year-old Rose met her future husband.

19-year-old Joseph Kennedy did not immediately like her parents. The only thing that caused their respect was the industriousness and ambitions of a young man who soon managed to become the youngest president of the bank in American history. And yet they found the acquaintance of their daughter inappropriate.

But Kennedy continued to care for the eldest daughter of the Fitzgeralds, and on October 7, 1914, they were married without much ado. In those days, the income of a young entrepreneur was $ 10,000 per year. And 10 years later, when the family moved to River Island, Kennedy was already a multimillionaire.

The couple had 9 children. Firstborn Joseph Kennedy Jr. was born in 1915, a year after the wedding. Then John, Rosemary, Kathleen and Eunice appeared at intervals of a year. Patricia was born in 1924, Robert was born in 1925, Jean was born in 1928, and Edward Kennedy in 1932.

Randolph Spencer-Churchill and Jenny Jerome Churchill

The mother of the future luminaries of politics and pen, born Jenny Jerome, was the daughter of an American millionaire, recognized as a beauty of her time, and was a distant relative of the then unknown Franklin Roosevelt. Her wayward and independent character partly determined her father’s wealth, because it was he who insisted before the wedding that Jenny’s capital would be independent of her husband.

It is possible that the character was influenced by the presence of Indian blood in the veins of the girl - according to legend, Iroquois were among the ancestors of the Jeromes. This fact, however, is not confirmed by historical documents. One can say boldly - in the appearance of a beautiful woman, Creole features were clearly visible. In addition, she was not deprived of the mind, sharp on the tongue, extravagant and sociable. Winston's father, Randolph Churchill, was the third son of the seventh in the dynasty of the Duke of Marlborough. According to English law, the eldest son inherits possession and title - the rest have to be content with just a big name and make their way into life on their own.

For this, the noble owners of names, but not titles and states, had two main ways - military service and politics. Randolph made a bet on politics and did not lose. A distinguished name, connections and natural abilities helped him to advance into the front ranks of the British political elite. Marriage to the rich and beautiful heiress of the American millionaire almost prevented the career of a politician.

The passion between Randolph and Jenny flared up rapidly, and three days after they met, an engagement announcement ensued. Members of the noble family of the Duke of Marlborough were against the bride without a title, putting the wedding under a ban until the son won a seat in parliament. Randolph won the election, and the Prince of Wales, after traveling to America, had a very high opinion of the Jenny family, thus providing support for her candidacy for Randolph's wife. The wedding took place, the bride received the title of Lady Randolph Churchill, and Winston became the first fruit of this love.

Vissarion (Beso) Dzhugashvili and Ekaterina (Keke) Geladze

On May 17, 1874, Stalin's parents, 22-year-old Vissarion (Beso) Dzhugashvili and 17-year-old Ekaterina (Keke) Geladze, were married in the Assumption Cathedral in the Georgian town of Gori. Beso was a respected artisan from the workshop of Baramov and was considered among the girlfriends Keke an enviable groom. Keke later wrote in her memoirs, compiled in August 1935 against the wishes of her son, that she, too, "stood out among her friends, was a welcome and beautiful girl."

The chief of the groom's two friends was Yakov Egnatashvili (Koba), a rich merchant and fighter, a local hero. Keke later recalled that he always tried to help her and Beso create a family. "The local priest, Father Christopher Charkviani, a family friend, sang so well at the ceremony that Jacob Egnatashvili presented him with ten rubles, a considerable amount at that time.

Parents and brides and grooms were the serfs of the local princes, liberated by Tsar Alexander II. Grandfather Beso, Zaza, Ossetian, serf prince Badur Machabeli, in 1804 participated in the uprising of prince Elizbar Eristavi against Russia. The grandson of Zaza, Beso, went to work at the shoe factory of an Armenian, Joseph Baramov, who prepared shoes for the local troops of the Russian army.

Ekaterina-Keke's father, Glahi Geladze, was once a serf of Prince Amilakhvari. He worked as a potter and gardener, but he died young. After that, the Keke family moved to Gori.

On December 17, the boy, whom they would later recognize as Stalin, was christened Joseph, and diminutively, Soso. However, it was rumored in Gori that Beso was not really the parent of his sons. Many of the citizens attributed their fatherhood to Yakov (Kobe) Egnatashvili or the head of the Gori police Damian Davrishevi. Stalin himself once said that his father was actually a priest. Thus, we receive the third candidate for parents - father Charkviani. There are no real photos of Beso Dzhugashvili, but some countrymen testified that Stalin was very similar to him.

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