"Sometimes it seems to us that it is impossible to live in this world. But nowhere else."

"Life is life, and there is a place for everything."

“Some are scum, some are not, that’s the whole story”

"It is better to sleep on an uncomfortable bed free than on a comfortable - not free"

“Practice kindness all day to all people around you, and you will understand, you are already in heaven”

Jack Kerouac in the military commissariat, 1943

“The road is what the doctor ordered”

“Everything in the world is interconnected, and this is how rain binds everyone around the world to each other, in turn touching each one ...”

“Oh my God, sociability is just a wide smile, and a wide smile is just teeth”

"Nothing can be understood once and for all ... This is not given to anyone."

Jack Kerouac shows a scroll with the text of his book, 1964

“A person should at least once in his life be in total pitch wilderness in order to physically experience loneliness, even if he is choking with boredom. To feel how it is to depend solely on oneself, and in the end to know one’s essence and to gain a previously unknown force. ”

"When you reach the top, continue climbing"

“Our suitcases weathered and parted at the seams right in the middle of the road. And we have not even gone half of this difficult path. And there is still a whole life ahead. ”

“I love crazy people who want to live furiously, want to talk furiously, want to be saved furiously, who want everything at once, who never yawn and never speak banalities, but always burn, burn, burn!”

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