Pictures: 43rd US President Bush

George Walker Bush was born July 6, 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut, to the family of retired naval aviation pilot George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Bush. Bush Jr.'s childhood passed in the city of Midland (Texas). After George finished 7th grade, his family moved to Houston. There, Bush spent two years studying at the Kincaid private school to prepare for university entrance.

In 1968 he received a bachelor's degree in history from Yale University, where he studied secondary, but was popular. After high school, he served as a pilot in the National Guard.

In 1977, Bush married Laura Welch, a former teacher and librarian. On November 25, 1981, the spouses had twin daughters Barbara and Jenna.

After the service he received a master’s degree from the Harvard Business School. Then he returned to Midland, where he worked in the oil industry until 1986. Several times actively participated in the election campaigns of his father, was his adviser.

In 1994, Bush became the 46th governor of Texas. In this position, he gained a reputation as an effective politician who knows how to cooperate with the opposition. After 4 years, he was re-elected with a record high number of votes and became the first governor of Texas, elected for a second term immediately after the first.

The next step in the career of Bush Junior was the presidency. A few months after taking office on September 11, 2001, a series of major terrorist acts occurred in the United States, in response to which Bush declared a global "war against terrorism." In the same year, the United States invaded Afghanistan, and in 2003, Iraq.

In 2004, Bush successfully re-elected for a second term, defeating Democratic Senator John Kerry. Although Bush was a popular president throughout his first term, his rating declined steadily in the second. Bush has been criticized for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the pursuit of an aggressive foreign policy, as well as for his administration's sanctioning the use of torture by US inquiry and investigation agencies on suspects of terrorism.

In 2007, he was an active supporter of the deployment of US missile defense elements in Eastern Europe, and also advocated the early entry of Georgia and Ukraine into NATO. In August 2008, he defended Georgia during the Russian-Georgian conflict.

In all of Bush’s international travels, except political assistants and national security advisers, there were 250 secret service agents, 15 police officers, 2 convoys of 20 armored vehicles, including a presidential limousine, Sikorsky Sea King and Black Hawk helicopters.

One of the most famous scandals associated with the name of Bush Junior, occurred December 14, 2008 at a press conference in Baghdad. Journalist Muntazar al-Zaidi tried to get to the president with his shoes, throwing them in the direction of the tribune.

In 2009, Barack Obama replaced him as president. Bush has returned to Texas, currently engaged in social activities.

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